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Welcome to
The Co-Creative Collective

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Welcome to The Co-Creative Collective

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These 3 pillars represent who we are

About the founder

Carmen LeRowé

I am a proud mum of 2 beautiful daughters. In February 2020 my life changed completely when my youngest daughter suddenly passed away. I went through a period of intense grief and wanting to understand my purpose in life. After 3 years of applying a lot of my own teachings, I am in a place where I know my purpose in life, which is to help and inspire others to heal their hearts and live a life from a place of love. Life happens to all of us. We can't control that. We do, however can control how we react to it.

To read more about the 3C-s please listen to our podcast by clicking here 

Carmen LeRowé, founder

Our Members Say

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"The 3Cs workshops are an incredible opportunity to take a deep dive inside yourself, and figure out what it is you’re actually searching for! This in itself is so rare, and then to be surrounded by such like minded people, so you can all share your same, but different, journey together is so special. Love and compassion are at the heart of everything Carmen creates, and she just wants to help people understand themselves better on a core level and give them direction to be the best version they can be!."



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